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EP2 Grease NLGI2 is a premium, high performance extreme property grease, designed to deliver long lasting uniform lubrication under extreme thermal conditions. It increases the service life of lubricated parts as the EP additives provide a high degree of film stability to combat shock load fatigue & stresses.

Meets specification levels of NLGI2.

Recommended for various heavy duty greasing applications where heavy or shock loads are encountered.

  • Superior Anti-wear Properties Designed Especially for Extreme Pressure Conditions.
  • Best for Protection Against Rust & Corrosion.
  • Good Water Washout Characteristics.
  • Increases the Service Life of Lubricated Parts as the EP Additives Provides a High Degree of Film Stability.
  • It Crosses the Standards Set Under IS-7623 for Water Washout Characteristics.

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