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The IPOL brand has established itself as one of the well accepted Automotive & Industrial Lubricants in India with a wide network of Distributors and Dealers in the country. The company has well equipped manufacturing facilities, with automated filling & packaging stations. GP Petroleums Ltd., has invested in high precision quality-control and product development labs to meet the growing needs of premium lubricants.

GP Petroleums Ltd. has plants in India with an annual production capacity of 80,000 KL. It also has an In-house Base Oil Storage facility of 15,000 KL which is one of the largest in the Indian industry, ensuring consistency of quality and supply security.

IPOL has one of the widest range of product portfolio. IPOL products have several latest national and international performance specifications and approvals to their credit such as API, JASO, and ACEA etc. other than OEM credentials.

In April 2016, Repsol Automotive range of premium lubricants were launched in India. GP Petroleums has an exclusive agreement with Repsol, the oil major from Spain for manufacturing, distribution, sales & marketing its product range in India.

In August 2018, GP Petroleums signed an agreement with MAG LUBE LLC, a leading manufacturer of lubricants in the Middle East, to manufacture and market IPOL lubricants across the world. Currently the focus is on the Middle East, Africa and Far East markets mainly in the Automotive and Industrial Lubricants space.


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