Rewards and Recognition

At GPPL, we believe in the philosophy of “All for one and one for all”. It is about working in tandem and delivering as a unit. Therefore, reward & recognition is our way of celebrating each other’s success. We consciously promote the culture of catching people doing right things. We are a family of high performing members displaying passion and agility day in, day out.

High Five Cards

To highlight small yet significant achievements that may not gain visibility in larger scheme of things but are critical for business continuity / success.

STAR Award

For significant contribution in respective department, for overachieving the sales target and for exceptional service in the form of TAT, solution based recommendations, customer experience and cost saving.

Extra Mile Award

For contributions made beyond one’s call of duty. For going out of the way to help fellow colleagues/any department in achieving their goals.

Dream Team Award

To celebrate the team that meets it’s target, displays great team work and camaraderie, carries a winning mind-set.


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