Training and development

Reach your full potential with the experience gained in your job. Each project poses a challenge to help you learn and grow as a professional.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Equal opportunities create diversity, and diversity is enriching. Here, you will be able to make decisions and grow as part.

Compensation and benefits

We offer an attractive benefits package that is in line with our employees' needs. Plus, our compensation programs are based on differentiation as a way.


GPPL, we have a long-term vision and look to the future. We are committed to building the future of energy together with our team.

Work-Life Balance

GPPL, we have a culture of respect and are constantly working to improve it. Whenever possible, we try to adapt our employees' work schedules.

Innovation in management

We work in an agile and cooperative manner, always aiming for efficiency and value creation. Our team takes on responsibilities to achieve positive.


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